Personnel Solutions

SETEC offers numerous personnel solution services through In Line Consulting Services, LLC. We are equipped to fill your company’s personnel requirement through conventional and non- conventional methods in order to assure that your diverse and particular personnel requirements are met. Through or unique Human Resource Group and proprietary cloud-based web search we can provide services on a Finder Fee basis, Corporate Build Up, Temporary Placement for 60-90 days, Long and Short-Term Contract Personnel, and Third Party Required Personnel positions.

As we are always looking at ways of becoming more flexible in our services, many of our clients have found this resource to be extremely beneficial to precisely build their Teams; from placing Management level personnel and down the chain of command to skilled service providers. On many occasions, we have been thanked for offering these services with set rates and margins so budget compliance for OPEX and CAPEX groups is readily attainable.

We look forward to working with your Leadership to help your company build a successful Team of professional personnel to drive your goals and obtain your successes!

Because Experience Matters.

Put ours to work for you.